Dental Clínic

Dental Clínic

Hernández arquitectos
Project Year
Care Homes
Germán Cabo

Dental Clinic in Valencia

Hernández arquitectos as Architects

The dental clinic presents an almost rectangular typology ground plan. The entrance gate is located right in the middle, and in front of which a sculptural counter is designed. This piece besides fulfilling the function of reception also articulates the space, leaving on one side the waiting area, services and office, and in the other the area cabinets. Beyond the curtain wall of the main façade, facing the Felix Pizcueta street, there are three cabinets, one sterilization room and the main office. The large windows frame a neo-Gothic building, resulting an interesting synergy that contrasts with the pure lines and the neutral tones of the clinic. The used materials provide a great spatiality, for the soil a continuous gray pavement, whose colour also climbs some of the walls, contrasting with the white tones of the furniture. The spaces are separated by light glass partitions. Carefully designed lighting dispenses with visible lights and places led strips in each of the enclosures that provide an indirect and diffuse light, avoiding glares. In general terms, a clean container, neutral and quiet has been created; complying with the guidelines established by our client and creating an attractive space as well as functional.

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