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Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Dentária Cascais

The dental clinic and backoffice develop over two floors. The inspiration for this project is the windows with a view of the Sintra natural world, which floods the central area of the waiting room with natural light and around which all the compartme... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Hospitals

Tanaka Dental Clinic

Tanaka Dental Clinic is a newly built design project in Miyazaki Japan.We organized consulting, architectural design, interior design totally. The site locates in calm environment surrounded by deep pine forest in Miyazaki city.The area has abundant... More

Project • By assemblageSTUDIOOffices

Acero Dental Office

The building houses two independant  dental facilites on seperate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, waiting lounge, equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge,... More

Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Dental Clinic Lisbon Sabrab

Dental clinic and and the  back​​office its develop on just one floo.  The inspiration of this project as its an skylight that floods of light the central area of ​​the waiting room with natural light and around which all the compartments h... More

Project • By IQOSAHospitals


Our design concept of dental clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine. Minimalism, functionality and clarity of lines. More

Project • By Gallardo Llopis ArquitectosHospitals


The intricate tangle of streets that, with Arabic hints, make up the historic center of this town located in a singular area called “La Rivera del Xúquer”, find an open space in the square that fronts up the historic local church &... More

Project • By 1-1 Architects (Yuki Kamiya+Shoichi Ishikawa)Hospitals

Clinic NK

The site is a long shape facing the 4-lane highway on the north side and 4 meters wide on the south side, giving void to the townscape along these roads. The plan described here is building a dental clinic specializing in aesthetic dentistry and pedi... More

Project • By Studio MohenjodaroHospitals

Dr. Sindhuja's Dental Clinic

The intrinsic link between spaces and the feelings they evoke takes on a new meaning when over time, certain spaces start being recognised by the emotions they inspire. The most common example would be a Dentist’s Clinic. The feeling associated with... More

Project • By jamjam architecture studioHospitals

Chmurska dental studio

The concept of a dental office in Katowice based on combining two dwellings on the ground floor of a multi-residental building. The core of the concept was to brighten the compact space with bright shades complemented by pistachio-coloured and black... More

Project • By Moein Jalali and PartnersHospitals

Parsin Dental clinic

We were offered a renovation project of a dental clinic with financial and time limitations. We began planning and design project with the aim of creating a space based on quality standards, regarding the aforementioned limitations. Sufficient attent... More

Project • By LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]Hospitals

Dental Clinic in Chamberí, Madrid

The project consists of the integral conditioning of a commercial space located in the Madrid neighborhood of Chamberí for the installation of a dental clinic and, in parallel, determine the parameters that will define the corporate image of the comp... More


FERRACES Dental Clinic

This project clearly establishes a two-way dialogue between the clinic and the square facing it.Large, vertical, butt-joint glazed window panes without intermediate profiles flood the interior with a diffused northern light and completely open up the... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignHospitals

Benedetti Orthodontics Interior Design

Medical spaces are always difficult to design because the ambiance has to literally comfort the patients, but CAS has definitely risen to the challenge with Benedetti Orthodontics interior design in Florida, USA. While most of the design is ultra-mod... More

Project • By MasquespacioHospitals

Dental Clinic

“Although the last years we have been focusing on projects related to hospitality and retail, we also like to face new challenges designing other projects like for an office space or in this case a dental clinic”, per Christophe Penasse, founder of M... More

Project • By Pablo Muñoz Payá ArquitectosHospitals

Dental Clinic Javier Arroyo

This project is based on a complete refurbishment of an existing commercial space in the center of San Juan de Alicante (Alicante, Spain). The program required a waiting room, exam rooms and other medical services, offices and auxiliary spaces linked... More