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Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Dentária São Paulo by Sabrab

Inserted in a small fraction of 140 square meters, we had as objective the creation of a dental clinic with three dental offices, reception and other necessary technical spaces. Ivo Tavares Studio The main objective was the creation of a clinic with the smallest ecological footprint in the construction possible. For this the project team sought solutions for the walls outside the traditional, having opted for bamboo panels, which are the most sustainable plant in construction, due to their rapid growth.  Ivo Tavares Studio For this, wood panels were created, and the ceilings of the entire clinical area in this material, with a circular evolutionary shape, which accompanies the cabinets, the doors of the clinical corridor an... More

Project • By Galeria GabineteLaboratories

Dental Clinic "Alfredo Queirós"

Teeth to take out. A violet entrance looking for the white tooth. The remodel shoots for a new geometry where lighting finds its way. The detail does justice to the care to be taken in this space. Soft tones and hand-picked furniture are feelings you get while waiting for your turn.   PROJECT INFO Year | 2015 Project manager | Helder de Carvalho Architecture | Helder de Carvalho, Vasco Melo and Margarida Leal 3D | Cláudio Ferreira Lighting design | Sérgio Azevedo and Manuel Fernandes Construction | FGS Lda. Photography | José Campos More

Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Dentária Cascais Santa Madalena by sabrab

The project is developed in a building with three floors with about 1250m2 of construction area and parking in the basement.The framing for the Serra de Sintra was one of the assumptions in the layout distribution allowing the waiting areas to also become spaces for visual contemplation.The layout of the Clinic's interior spaces started from the maximum use of natural light for the work areas, thus reducing the environmental footprint in the building.The clinic has a set of dental specialties, separated by specific wings, in a total of eighteen offices, including a recovery room with a special setting for the Sintra mountains in a reserved area on the 1st floor of the building.The building has a central area that allows the separation in di... More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNIHospitals

MEDIRAMA Dental CLinic

Interior Design Project for the Medirama Dental Clinic. For a dental clinic, having clean, aseptic and bright spaces is essential both for the doctors who work there and for the patients who perceive it as a safe place. The microcement floor and the white walls give a perception of cleanliness and order to the space, the addition of light birch wood in the false ceiling panels and in the plywood doors is of a completely different nature. These few wooden elements mean that for a generally cold and impersonal environment, it can become welcoming and bright. Almost a psychological help, which prepares and reassures patients about to undergo dental surgery. More
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária

Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Medis Dentária

This Dental clinic and backoffice is developed on just one floor, in the center of Lisbon, Portugal. The inspiration of this project was the facade in Glass to intruce the light into all the work space. The entrance to the clinic and the offices are made through the main access of the building, and there is a separation of routes for each spaces, clinic and offices. The area defined as a clinic includes a waiting and service room located on the main front of the building. The central area of the skylight includes a meeting room, two public toillets, and one of them adapted for people with reduced mobility. In the clinical area there are three administrative offices, nine dental offices, sterilization room, orthopantomography room, waste... More

Project • By brg3sCommunity Centres

Youth Villages - Bower Activity Center

The Bower Activities Center (BAC) introduces a light-filled hub of activity and care programs to the pastoral campus of Youth Villages in the city of Bartlett, an outlying suburb of Memphis, TN.  Youth Villages, “a nationally recognized leader in the field of childrens' mental and behavioral health,” provides residential, academic, and developmental services for children and teens with “emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.”  Initially designed to house only the Food With Class program –  an educational class where teens learn to develop teamwork and professional skills in a commercial kitchen setting – and a few other support services, the scope of the design quickly grew as Youth Vi... More

Project • By Estudio Bher ArquitectosHospitals

Dental Clinic in Aranda

While designing this clinic we have faced and resolved a great contradiction: the frontal shock between the necessity of natural lighting and privacy of the working places, and the desirable visibility of business premises located at street level. The project is performed at a rough property at an strategic corner position, which our client wishes to get the most out of, and therefore to benefit from its consequent business opportunities. Simultaneously the patient requires an intimate and friendly place, which allows him to relax in a situation that for many is synonymous with nervousness and pain. We decide to create a double skin, interposing an intermediate garden between both of its  layers: a large glass pane to the inside, tha... More

Project • By Alem arquitecturaCare Homes

Clínica dental Martín&Encabo

Dental clinic Martín&Encabo Fuenlabrada, Spain Published by: Alem arquitectura More

Project • By Pedra Silva ArquitectosHospitals

Maida Smiles Clinic

International architecture firm Pedra Silva Arquitectos (PSA) has expanded its global healthcare portfolio after completing work fora UK cosmetic dental clinic. Loop Audiovisual The contract for Maida Smiles Clinicin London, is the latest in a long series of dental clinic and healthcare projects delivered by the Portuguese practice. Loop Audiovisual The award-winning design firm founded in 2003has built a strong track record as a healthcare sector specialist completing projects across Europe, Africa and Australasia. Loop Audiovisual PSA Founding Partner Luis Pedra Silva said the latest Maida Smiles dealshowcases the firm’s personal and bespoke design solutions involving acute attention to detail, which have helped dr... More

Project • By T+R studioHospitals

Dinbar & Dinbar Dental Clinic

T+R studio designed the Dinbar&Dinbar Dental Clinic located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Dinbar&Dinbar practice is located in Tel Aviv it is a professional dental clinic with a Modern, clean and comfortable look and feel. The practice – owned by 2 equally passionate doctors and brothers: Dr. Micha Dinbar and Dr. Ariel Dinbar.   The mission for T+R studio – was to design an advanced and innovative expert dental clinic, with a contemporary, inviting and bright appearance. The design style is clean young elegant and contemporary with a high-tech atmosphere.   At the entrance on the entry level, guests arrive at the welcoming reception area, opposite to the main waiting area. This salon at the center makes the wait... More

Project • By Himematsu Architecture Inc.Hospitals

Tanaka Dental Clinic

Tanaka Dental Clinic is a newly built design project in Miyazaki Japan.We organized consulting, architectural design, interior design totally. The site locates in calm environment surrounded by deep pine forest in Miyazaki city.The area has abundant greenery and famous for Phoenix resort hotel. The site has originally many pine trees.We aim to leave original pine trees as much as possible with designing dental clinic.The building become 1 story to decrease an oppressive feeling and adjust surrounding pine forest.​ We designed wooden interior to make relaxed atmosphere for patients who want to refined & clean space.Patients can watch pine forest through big window from treatment room.They can spend treatment time in comfortable space.... More

Project • By Atelier GiavenaleHospitals

Dentist Clinic SG

Playfulness and transparency are the themes at the base of the project for the dental clinic dedicated to children.   Three distinct areas are created within the main space thanks to the use of curtains hanging from circular rails. To reinforce the limit of these spaces, there are custom-made carpets that regain the perimeter of the curtains on the ground. The feeling from the inside of these “rooms” is that of protection and intimacy, however, the visibility from the outside is ensured, so that parents have a view towards their children while they play.   The layout of the internal space aims to create a light and relaxing atmosphere, where young patients could feel comfortable while waiting for their appointment.... More

Project • By padilla nicás arquitectosShops

IOC Doreste Dental Clinic

The dental clinic IOC is found on a major boulevard in one of the most prominent buildings of the city. The place has a large area of exposure to the street in relation to its size and is situated a few steps above the pedestrian level, which determines the distinguished character it has in this environment.   The project follows another intervention for IOC; therefore, it develops the "corporative space" basis stablished previously.   Resolved with a broken and polygonal geometry in contrast with the orthogonal geometry used in technical working areas, there is an unexpected dynamism that may happily distract the patient from the purpose of his visit to the clinic.    A free standing centerpiece serves to locate t... More

Project • By Takeru Shoji Architects .Co.,LtdHospitals

SDC / Dental clinic in Tsubame

The site is in Akiba town, Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, in a neighborhood with a nursery, elementary and junior high school. The neighborhood is filled with the sounds and cheery voices of children and the view of the distant Mt.Yahiko. In this setting we designed a dental clinic for a doctor couple who sought to develop a new kind of clinic. They wanted to create a place where mothers and children come and enjoyably spend time. We were intrigued by this design concept and since 2016, worked together with the couple to further develop this idea. We designed a clinic that is more than just a dental clinic, it is a day care center, a bookstore and a place to enjoyably spend time, just ‘like a park’. The staff work t... More

Project • By assemblageSTUDIOOffices

Acero Dental Office

The building houses two independant  dental facilites on seperate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, waiting lounge, equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge, a priate outdoor gathering deck, and a private office.  The project is located within a heavily used arterial street in Henderson, NV. Surrounding office complexes are primarily medical, with a hospital in the immediate vicinity. Adjacent to the site is a fire station to serve the businesses. The site provides a distant view to the Las Vegas Strip and into the Black Mountains.  Sited prominently at the intersection, the faceted second level becomes the sign of the business. Differing... More