Private Houses
Build completed in 2014
Nelson Garrido


Camarim as Architects

Our client wanted to enlarge his 2-bedroom apartment and so he acquired 2 more apartments in the same building – one above and one on the side – with the aim of joining them as one with more generous and flexible social and intimates spaces. This project concerns the latter.

The side apartment had a living room and a kitchen open to a sunny balcony. The client wanted a second living room capable of transforming into a guest bedroom as well as a number of shelves, cabinets and wardrobes to store and exhibit personal objects.

Instead of designing walls and fittings, we envisioned a fitting that outlines defines and partitions all spaces: we spare the space that would be taken by the walls thickness and create the opportunity to explore a logic and materiality closer to furniture design than to conventional construction.

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Arnhem Central Transfer Terminal
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Arnhem Central Transfer Terminal

Stationsplein, Arnhem, Netherlands - Build completed in 2015
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