Diamond Hills

Diamond Hills

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Diamond Hills - "Eco skyscraper with mixed function-residential and commercial"

Archevolution as Architects

DIAMOND HILLS project was developed on the theme "Eco skyscraper with mixed function-residential and commercial." DIAMOND HILLS includes three bodies, skyscrapers, each of which has a height of 29, 36, 34 floors. The architectural design of the project has a modern glass facade resembling the cut of a diamond. One of the innovative elements of the project is that the three towers are connected in the air with terrace, combining in an extraordinary way the three housing.Given the mixed features of the project are surrounded by skyscrapers mall, which creates the illusion that this massive body stay in the air propped immediate communication of multiple columns. The residential complex is situated near the city of Varna 10 km from Golden Sands and 7km from Kkonstantin and St. Helena, the location of the project is consistent with the scale, in view of which is located at the beginning of the city along the Varna tauar . The complex is situated so that all apartement have a wonderful view of the lake and to Varna. The terrain is gentle gradients, which provides convenient pedestrian and road approach. There is underground and above ground parking with the required number of parking spaces and opportunities for temporary stay for visitors. The architecture is consistent both with the modern trends of the 21st century and maritime character of the area. It is strongly geometry and structure. Glass facade resembles the cut of a diamond, and each facade panel is formed with the help of clear details, appropriate articulation, panoramic windows. The other buildings have their own memorable look that turns them into artistic focus in this area. Each building comprises 29 floors 36.34, which includes ground level which develops commercial Poland Justyna + floors with different razpredelenya-organization have the following interrelated functions:• parking• entertainment• trade• residential• technicalThis enables each individual owner or visitor to feel pleasure from both seasonal holiday or residential living.Indicators:-Plot with total area of ​​45,600 m 2 as provided for SMFWider area of ​​the Mall -13,500 m2 on two levels-The total area of ​​the three towers is 113,500 m2The total area of ​​the car parks is 42,700 m2

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