Floated House

Floated House

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Floated House

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The “Floated house” is located in the astonishing hill country of Sri Lanka. The site is a steeply sloping land accessed at its highest point, allows for breathtaking views of the mountains around all the way up to Gampola and beyond. The tight budget of the clients allowed for very little earth work, retaining walls. The brief called for a small 1300 sqft family home for two veterinary scientists and their daughter.

Taking advantage of this exclusive location, the idea was to let all the spaces of the residence delight in these views while also upholding the continuation of the panorama from the street rather than the development being an obstruction.

Hence, the building was partially sunk-in from the street level with the flat concrete rooftop being just below eye level from the street. Since buildable flat land in such a steep slope was limited, the main living/dining space was projected out from the hill and supported with a single column. The result was a space of pure enchantmentof offering a 270 degree view of the landscapes around. The gardens around are planted with local wild foliage and flowering plants found abundantly in the area with lower levels of the land reserved for agriculture.

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Wood work and Steel FabricationsLocal Artisans
Pantry topMonara Creation
GlazingNCN Alluminium
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Wood work and Steel Fabrications
Pantry top
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