DÔ Apartment

DÔ Apartment

flipê arquitetura
Moema, São Paulo, SP, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Carolina Lacaz

DÔ Apartment

flipê arquitetura as Architects

The DÔ apartment seeks a dialogue between esthetic and function in new possibilities, look forward to work colors and textures in all their potential to sector spaces while keeping them completely connected.


The project itself explores the possibilities of combinations of texture and colors, a neutral base composed by design full of life. The experimentation of grey at the base, worked in different textures, talk to each other until meeting the intensity of the black and the warmth of the wood.


The concrete main room, embraces the first wooden frame, the office mimicked in the room (through its doors, panels and wooden bench) which, turns into the frame of a black monochrome kitchen. The kitchen appears as a striking element in the room, breaking visual expectations and bringing a new possibility to this fluid service area in the living room, sectorized and integrated, with personality and visual identity.


The language of monochromatic sectors, grey room, office and home theater in wood, black kitchen, follow with the pink toilet. The lightness of the white walls occurs in the bedrooms, working with warm touches, the wooden sheet of the furniture and the upholstery of the bed.


The project was thought in all scales, bringing personalized drawings and authorship by Flipêin all of them. In architecture, furniture (beds, Armchair and Rollers Chair) and objects (pillows and bedding).


Material Used :
1. Ceiling treatment: Protecnica
2. Iron works: Steel Head Design
3. Wood Work: Marcenaria Pingo
4. Sofa: Lider Interiores
5. Coffee Table: Jader Almeida forClami
6. Puff: Srta Galante
7. Dinner Table: Fernando Jaeger
8. Dinner chairs: Cremme
10. Dinner Light: Cristiana Bertolucci
11. Works pace light: Marilena G
12. Arm chair: Flipê Décor 
13. Painting art work: Rita Semeghini
14. Textilart work: DpotObjeto
15. Bed: Flipê Decor + ZL Tapeçaria

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Project Credits
Ceiling treatment
Product Spec Sheet

Dinner chairsCremme
SofaLider Interiores
Product Spec Sheet
Dinner chairs
by Cremme
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