Double House

Double House

Unknown, Japan

Double House

Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects as Architects

This project is that two small built-for-sale houses which there are anywhere in Japan are united by“GAP UNION”. We named the house“Double House”.In the city,nuclear family occupies many of the family constitution. On the other hand,living together households have the tendency towards the increase with the mass resignation of the baby boomer.

For such new social situation, we suggest that“Double House”becomes new house stock for living together households. the built-for-sale house is the symbolic existence of the nuclear families besides. We converted from Nuclear family use to living together household one.In other wards, this project is the renovation for the aging society. We paid attention to buildings existing in the city and the gap occuring between them. The gap have strong direct relationship between buildings next to each other. In congested residential area ,the tendency is stronger. By the conduct, we should be able to bring about rich space and new functions and relationships in the gap that is a mere dead space by inserting interface in the cause of the certain context. And the one example is the method that two houses next to each other are united by a interface.

We named the system of the union“GAP UNION”.It is the Japanese new renovation style. By“GAP UNION”,town scape should be updated a little, because the gap is a common space in Japanese residential area. That means that the urban gap can become the bridge which links the building to the city.

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