Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Home AppliancesIKEA
Exterior FramesAcatedal
Thermo accumulatorsBosch
PaintsCIN, S.A.

Product Spec Sheet
by Sika
Home Appliances
Exterior Frames
Thermo accumulators
by Bosch
by Danosa


José Adriao Architects as Architects

The building in question was constructed in the first quarter of the 19th century, at the heart of Lisbon’s BaixaPombalina district.

By 2016, the building was almost completely vacant and severely dilapidated.

The structure of the building had been greatly weakened by the demolition of resistant walls at ground level, which had led to the floors settling.

To make the most of the corner location of the building, it was proposed changing the configuration from two apartments to three per floor, maintaining the original Pombaline layout, with an intricately arrange series of spaces.

To address modern demands for comfort and accessibility, a lift was installed at the centre of the building, leaving the original stairwell intact.

The first phase of construction began in 2017, with the aim of correcting the building’s structural shortcomings, repairing the roof and renovating the ground floor. Structural surveys were carried out between the two phases, along with surveys on the walls and ceilings.

Examination of the wall paintings revealed the existence of successive layers of frescoes and tempera paintings in all the apartments.

At that point, it was thought vital to uncover the frescoes, which languished unseen beneath newer layers of painting for decades. Preserving them was deemed one of the most important concerns of the whole project.

The strategy was adjusted to prevent any scraping against the walls, new solutions for installing the building infrastructure were executed.

Subsequently, however, the decision was made not to proceed with the restoration of the frescoes, nor to prioritise specific features. Instead, the consensus was that these traces of the past should be left as they are, overlapping, incomplete, with all their flaws. We endeavoured to reveal the sheer complexity of the building by revealing the multitude of transformations that it has undergone over time.


Material Used:
1. Canilectrigás, Lda - Water/sewage/ventilation network
2. Energia Aciva, Lda - Electrical installation and telecommunications
3. Acatedal - Exterior Frames
4. Orona - Elevator
5. Elvira Barbosa Limitada - Development and treatment of mural paintings
6. Secil - Mortars
7. Danosa - Isolations
8. Isover - Isolations
9. Placo - Plasterboard
10. CIN - Paints
11. Sika - Paints
12. Hempel - Paints
13. W2007 - Sanitary Equipment - Faucets
14. Oli - Sanitary equipment - Flush toilets
15. Sanitana - Sanitary equipment - Sanitary ware
16. CTMT - Wood Floors
17. URMAL - Natural stone
18. Legrand - Electrical Equipment
19. S&P - Ventilation
20. IKEA - Home Appliances
21. BOSCH - Thermoaccumulators
22. SIVAL - Plasters and Plasters
23. GEBERIT - Pipes and cisterns
24. SYSTEMAIR - Ventilation and fire protection pipes
25. SINALUX - Emergency Signaling

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Project Credits
Water/sewage/ventilation network
Wood Floors
Electrical installation and telecommunications
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