DRAFT Office Tokyo

DRAFT Office Tokyo

Tokyo, 1-13-9 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan | View Map
Project Year
Makoto Kishita and Hiroshi Endo

DRAFT Office Tokyo

DRAFT Inc. as Architects

As a company engaged in the interior design industry, DRAFT aimed at restructuring existing interior genres to explore interior design in next generation. Combining different features like an exposed concrete ceiling, soft oak floor, and luxurious marble tiles, its interior design had become a mixture of rough yet sophisticated look which they named as “neutral remix” style. “I believe that people do not need more choices but rather, a new design restructuring of existing genres in this world where information abounds,” said the interior designer Taiju Yamashita.


At the same time, the design offers practical solutions for today’s diverse workplaces. Namely, solutions for promoting communication, improving employee engagement and sense of belongings. Among all, it was vital to create a space that enables employees to make a focus on their work in an open layout plan that has become a mainstream in recent years. There are focus booths and sofa seats around the shared table to offer personal quiet space in a hot-desking layout. On the other hand, fixed cubicles were installed two steps lower than the aisle in order to make the room more open and expanding while providing enough privacy. Also, the solution of fostering communication became more urgent because the floor had been divided into two levels in the new building. We put cafe and meeting rooms on the bottom of the second floor so that everyone would have to travel around.


Material Used :
1. 201˚ - LTL
2. 201˚ - COOM
3. 201˚ - QUILT

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