EA64 HOUSE   is a living space located in Merida´s historic center that seeks a dialogue between colonial and contemporary architecture. The Patios or courtyards are a real composition system, making them the main element that configure   the   structural order, the interior and exterior visuals which are part of the path. The scale variation and the use of the preexisting galleries, helped us for the access and light capture, as for a proper management   of the exterior space.  The space sequences create a linear circulation through the backyard, touring the living space fluently with a lobby at the beginning and a terrace in front of the swimming pool at the end.  The plant composition pretends to use all the natural aspects in favor of functionality and spatial comfort. A Study, lobby, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms with bathrooms shape the architectonic program.  Stucco walls, mostly in a neutral color, create a perfect canvas for artwork and recycled pieces that change their function adapting it for the domestic life, cement floors give each area character either in a traditional mosaic form or in big surfaces, natural   or colored wood give warmth and functionality for the furniture and, aluminum and glass allow to create a close relationship interior-exterior.  Furniture and art selection abbey a premise, “to use unique pieces that combine past and present of the house, do not restrain it to one period permits to create a perfect eclectic blend that mix modern- contemporary designed  and traditional  furniture.  The white cement swimming pool   constructed over a platform   responds to the natural unevenness of the land, is located in the back of the property and works as a temperature regulator element; the wind flows over it and refresh the interior spaces of the home.  Illumination, airflow   and nature make this living space a place to enjoy.

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