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Mayte Piera


Cristina Moya Arquitecta as Architects

Transformation project of an apartment in the city centre of Valencia. The idea of the project was to start from scratch, rethinking the house concept.


The apartment was formerly splitted up in many small rooms. The challenge was to transform it into something totally different, providing few spaces but very spacious and bright. A project to fall in love again.


The starting point is a traditional apartment of the Ensanche of Valencia *, very long and narrow. The front of the building overlooking the street and the back to a big block courtyard. Both facades with opposite orientation and solar direction, east and west respectively. These offer advantages and disadvantages and the idea was not to give up on any of them but to take advantage of this conditions.


To do so we thought of some traditional country houses that had 2 living rooms, one for the winter and the other for the summer. To organise the space we removed all the partition walls creating one single space from front to back with a living room on each end and the kitchen in the centre. The kitchen becomes the heart of the house. The living room by the street which looks east will be the summer one as it is cooler and the one in the interior courtyard the winter one for being warmer in the evening.


This two spaces can be used as more privately or publicly. To receive people and the other more private for an intimate use. This last one looking into the interior courtyard can be closed with folding translucent glass walls allowing this privacy but at the same time allowing the light to pass across the open plan space.


The clients wanted a little terrace which is introduced on the courtyards side, where calm reigns and where the sun sets, a place of peace in the chaotic city centre.


The bedroom and baths are hidden behind hiding doors that disappear seaming that it only exists the single central space.

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