KompaqDrain® channels have been installed in this new residential neighbourhood, built with high-energy efficiency criteria.

ULMA Architectural Solutions as Manufacturers

This 60,000 m2 development is located near the city and has a total of 29 homes and land, all with magnificent views and surrounded by nature.

KompaqDrain® compact channels have been installed on the access roads to the neighbourhood and to the houses. This channel, with its innovative Max-Flow® system, makes it possible to increase the water speed and its hydraulic efficiency making possible to drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel.

In addition, the channel and the grating form a one-piece unit, guaranteeing greater rigidity and security. Thanks to its material, polymer concrete, this channel offers great durability and exceptional resistance.

All these aspects make the KompaqDrain channel, unique in the market and for that reason, it has been chosen for this residential area, in addition to the ease of installation, since the prefabricated parts are ideal for installing and saving resources.

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Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

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