Alvise Raimondi
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
CarpentryBlacksmith Laghi Vittorio Snc
FramesEdilpiu S.r.l.
Furnishing bathrooms:Meinardi Snc
CarpentryPenaforte Giuseppe Snc
LightingVenturelli Arte e Luce

Product Spec Sheet
Furnishing bathrooms:


ellevuelle architetti as Architects

An old barn is trasfomed into an outbuilding for the children of the buyer. The small dependance (60 sqm) is located near a slope that opens on the valley of Modigliana: the maintenance of the finish line on the landscape is the starting point and the goal, at the same time, of the project composition. The short sides are designed as glass walls, to achieve the effect of "telescope". No opaque partition is interposed along the longitudinal axis of the system: the only two thin white walls stand closely and in parallel to the perimeters ones: in this way there’s a lot of free space at the center of the room.

In addition, to determine a dominant direction of space, these two walls have inside them the furniture in the kitchen and a closet on the one hand, the bathrooms and the stairs on the other. On the ground floor an open plan thus receives the living area and kitchenette; upstairs there are two bedrooms and one bathroom. The decor is aligned with the design coherence, thinking not to add elements but integrating environments: examples of this are the upstairs wardrobes, designed with the shape following the steep slope of the beams and weft in sight of the ceiling. Also the desks itself is nothing more than the wooden “hull” of the intrados of the floor to the ground floor, which seamlessly turns to form a comfortable shelf, in chromatic continuity even with the oak flooring of the rooms.

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