Escola Publica em Votorantim

Escola Publica em Votorantim

Grupo SP
São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Carlos Kipnis

Escola Publica em Votorantim

Grupo SP as Architects

The prospect of designing in a plot of land within the limits of the city enables us to test strategies of occupation and organization of that space are only possible outside in the city of São Paulo: a spread building and open to landscape. The school was disposed on an axis perpendicular to the Street, organized into two blocks articulated by the ramp vertical circulation that establishes the link between the two. We have created a Visual journey resulted from the entry in this space. This way the ramps look to the distant, to the other part of the Valley, taking advantage of the topographic situation. The sport block stands at a lower level and allows the didactic block to be in a higher level. Beside the concrete structures the enclosures were made with wood panels that mitigate the impact of the Sun and rain, and soften the rigidity of pre-shaped element. School inserted in the context of a limit urban neighborhood peripheral and contributes to its desirable organization.

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