Itacolomi 445

Itacolomi 445

Grupo SP
São Paulo, SP, Brazil | View Map
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Nelson Kon

Housing at Itacolomi Street

Grupo SP as Architects


Higienopolis neighborhood, in São Paulo, is marked by its 50/60’s intense edifications, generously sized apartments, a remarkable architecture and a significant green area.

Therefore, the project intends to reinforce the prominence of the neighborhood, not denying, but opening up to this built landscape and simultaneously allowing the neighborhood topenetrate the intern spaces.



An open space with double height ground floor expresses the concern about establishing a connection between the building and its surroundings, like a square which extends the sidewalk and the Portuguese stone floor spaces.

A wooden covered longitudinal volume, sweeping over this space, shelters the doorman home area and the gym. The vertical circulation volume organizes this floor.

The posterior space, more reserved, includes an open seating balcony, a twenty five meters long common pool and a garden.



The apartments are open spaces, double height voids,where it is possible to imagine multiple arrangements according to the family size and their way of life.

The vertical circulation block is a central volume that organizes the space, defining anacquaintance sector linked to the street and to another more intimate sector facing the inner side of the plot.

Generous balconies both in the anterior and the posterior facades reinforce the relationship between the apartment and the surrounding landscape; the crowns of the trees configure the most elongated visual.



As important as its base, is the crowning of the building, often neglected in the typically constructions in São Paulo. The major reinforced concrete structure is finished up with an additional metallic structure that conforms a particular housing unit in rearmost from the main body.


The most transparent volume, free from the adjacent buildings height, enjoys the surrounding landscape and is protected by a wooden closure that distinguishes it from the whole set. On the top floor can be found a private pool and an observatory that permits the contemplation of the city, the landscape and the sky.


This building, generic in its conception and systemic flexibility, is specific in its insertion and metaphorical by setting a dialogue with the surrounding history.


Material Used :

Structural system: Reinforced concrete and steel

Major materials: Concrete, bricks, glass, wood

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