Esporte Clube Pinheiros

Esporte Clube Pinheiros

Obra Arquitetos

Pedro Taddei e Associados
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Bruna Buratto Finimundi

Esporte Clube Pinheiros

Obra Arquitetos as Architects

The conception of a project that reconciles the preservation of an existing building and the addition of another has as fundamental requirement to understand, from an accurate reading of the permanences, both material and symbolic values to be recovered, maintained and valued.


The building of the Party Hall, as part of the Social Quadrangle to be revitalized, turned out to be inadequate to contemporary needs and demands, besides having undergone mutilations and alterations of structuring and essential elements of its original conception. Rescuing the cultural values of this site, its deeper social significance, spreading its knowledge and its cultural contribution implies, in our view, the reestablishment of the dignity of its architecture taking as its starting point the most sensitive sense of the past. These constitute, therefore, the general premises of the project proposed here, naturally extended to the requalification of the area according to the demands and needs established by the Club.


From the analysis of the Warchavchik project conceived in the 1950s and the identification of the still existing values, it was necessary to establish strategies for adapting this past, that of memory, to the present, with the pretension of continuity towards the future through the rescue or maintenance of the coherence and character imprinted in its architecture, without compromising, however, the formal and material innovations necessary for its requalification. In short, to dignify its existence in the present as an essential premise and greater challenge of this project.

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