Etno Hut

Etno Hut

Private Houses
Pakalniškės, Lithuania - Build completed in 2018
Leonas Garbacauskas

Tucked in an old sleepy woods Etno Hut is the tiniest shelter for your romantic getaway, creative studio, yoga retreat camp or anything you can think of doing surrounded by breathtaking Lithuanian nature. It started as a personal architectural project. The primary idea was to design a house that would be as small as possible and at the same time it could meet all basic needs of two people. And maybe a dog.

The site is located between two major Lithuanian cities. It's far enough to feel disconnected from everyday city hustle, but close enough not to spend whole day getting here. The house hangs on a slope and northern side of the volume is nestled into dense forest, while main window on the south provides warmth and picturesque scenery.

The hut was built with minimum impact to the site. Steel foundation was screwed to the ground by hand, the whole structure was made of SIP boards and assembled in 3 days. Area under the main volume was partly covered to hide all cables and pipes. The rest of it is used for a storage.

14 sq.m. hut contains a fully equipped kitchenette, king size bed (with 1 extra pull out bed) and a bathroom with spacious shower cabin. The most important achievement - there is no transformable furniture, no ladder stairs, nothing that makes tiny houses complicated and uncomfortable to use.

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