Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Lukas Landa
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Lukas Landa as Architects

Would you?

Euromax company aims at creative people, people who design facades, houses and similar stuctures. Architects, designers and of course, advertisers. These people know, what it means, when they see a canvas full of grey/white squares. (They all worked at least once in Adobe PS or other graphics programs.) It means, that the facade is empty. Not just white, but empty. It means, that it's possible to design ANYTHING onto this facade. Young people know, what this pattern means. With the message "What would you design here?" becomes the design clear to everybody. Euromax wants them to design something.

This competition never ends. All the people passing by the factory wall are going to think at least for a few seconds, what would THEY design onto the facade. On the other hand, the grey/white pattern is beautiful in itself and creates an interesting factory wall.

There's no doubt, Euramax company is able to print anything, complicated graphics, colours. It's obvious right from the question "What would you design here?". But is it really necessary? To make the most of the unique AluDesign technology? Let the people think about the meaning of the "unfinished facade" themselves. Let the competition never end.

Dimensions: one panel 1x1,5 m, grey/white squares 9x6 cm (16,6 cm)

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