Featherston Studio

Featherston Studio

Two Feathers
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Project Year
Private Houses
John Gollings
Product Spec Sheet

Boiling water mixerGROHE
Halogen wide spotFlos
Split-system air-conditioningMitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US
ManufacturersOKALUX GmbH
Nomad walk-off matting3M
Soltis mesh blind fabricAdelchi Ferrari Srl

Product Spec Sheet
Boiling water mixer
Halogen wide spot
by Flos
Split-system air-conditioning
Nomad walk-off matting
by 3M
Soltis mesh blind fabric

Featherston Studio

Two Feathers as Architects

Featherston Studio is part of a larger building of heritage significance designed for Mary and Grant Featherston by Robin Boyd in the late 1960’s. Mary previously occupied the larger house which is experimental and has very successfully supported family and working life over 50 years. The adventure, amenity and joy of that house form much of the provocation for this new home for Mary. She remains an adventurous occupant, eager to experiment with spaces and solutions.

The design brief called for occupant-oriented design, radical openness, flexibility, risk and experimentation. An emotional space of subtle calm harmony, connecting discrete settings in a singular volume. The human experience is enhanced by immediate, generous and uninterrupted views of the natural environment constantly animated by changing light and sound experienced as part of every activity. A luminous ambience with natural light diffused by a translucent ceiling and bouncing off a seamless matt white floor and warm face brick walls.

Strong forms without embellishments. A contemporary interior with a minimal palette of warm neutral, subtly complex materials. Finely detailed and furnished providing a clean, coherent and unobtrusive background for all the stuff of living and working.

Those elements of the brief originate in the previous house. However, this project also presented freedom to pursue ideas we had long wanted to explore.

Accompanying the desire for connection to nature was the idea of an active building, intelligent and aware of its environment and able to respond autonomously. Two Feathers developed algorithms, using live weather forecast data to determine future comfortable interior ranges. Autonomous decisions are made by the software, deploying external blinds, mechanical extraction fans and commercial heat pump systems. These work together, modulating visual experience, minimising energy consumption and increasing occupant comfort.

Minimal visual mass and explicit design exposes most of the buildings structure. Modern industrial design software enables this structure to be structurally analysed and visually refined simultaneously.

Extensive use was made of commercial materials including structural use of glass in stairs and balustrades. Laminated glass stair stringers support minimal treads and a landing, floating above an internal garden.

This project indeed provided opportunity for adventure and learning. Overwhelming the risks paid dividends, others proved more work was required, all contributed greatly to the outcome.

Two Feathers specialize in making it practical to design, document and fabricate very challenging building elements. Most of our work involves consulting to commercial built environment project teams. We use industrial design software to model at a high level of detail. This allows us to marry aesthetics, structure, lighting, and climate control, while working with very challenging geometric and packaging problems.

Material Used :

1. Palram - Sunpal polycarbonate panels in 'Opal'

2. Hopley - Steel trusses

3. Viridian - EnergyTech glazing

4. Pulastic - Accoustiflor self-levelling urethane flooring

5. Tretford - Goat-hair carpet in 'Double Cream'

6. Ferrari - Soltis mesh blind fabric

7. Reggiani - LED track spot

8. Flos - Halogen wide spot

9. LG - Induction cooktop

10. Grohe - Boiling water mixer

11. Blum - Servo Drive hardware

12. Mitsubishi - Split-system air-conditioning

13. 3M - Nomad walk-off matting

14. Conset - Height-adjustable desks

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