San Francisco, CA, USA - Build completed in 2017
Jasper Sanidad


Huntsman Architectural Group as Interior Architects

Top digital agency and consultancy, Fetch, charged the design team with creating a bold, unique, and statement-making space for their San Francisco headquarters. Innovative design solutions via creative applications of materials delivered impactful spaces on the limited budget. One is immediately impressed upon entering the reception lobby where a simple application of glowing pink linear LED lamps are interspersed between lengths of standard electrical conduit creating a dynamic track leading one's view towards the open office beyond. The reception's modular furniture creates a hospitality feel that introduces the concept of an accessible, open and inviting space.

Important to the open office design was an environment that supports the culture of the collaborative and creative workforce. Directly adjacent to the open workstation space are two open collaboration areas: one with soft seating and the other with conference tables that provide choice of workstyle, either impromptu meetings or focused work. Conference rooms were treated with vivid wall paint, enhanced by geometric felt cutout applications, making the rooms more inviting and dynamic. 

The café is a place for gathering. The unconventional application of vertical subway tiles create visual interest, while walnut wood cabinetry in both open and closed application allows for storage and an opportunity to showcase decorative objects supporting the company's playful culture. Mobile tables in the break area are reconfigurable to allow the teams to eat together, regardless the group size. A sliding door separates the café from the back-conference room. This multipurpose space is used for all-hands meetings or a less formal option for hosting clients. With creative solutions and strategic programming, the office achieves the goal of offering a second home for employees.

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