Fintech HQ

Fintech HQ

Noak Architecture Studio
Alphaville, São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Carolina Lacaz

Fintech HQ

Noak Architecture Studio as Architects

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the 540m² floor is now part of the administrative headquarter of a young Fintech. The design aimed to elaborate flexible and integrated spaces, uniquely combining an innovative design for offices with the temperance of a standard one.


The structural modulation of the building has guided the creative process since the first sketches of the project.


The square slab is naturally divided by four central pillars that orient the two main circulation axes in a cross format. The “waffle” concrete slab was intentionally left exposed, revealing the graceful structural solution that is currently part of the architecture.


Throughout the circulation axis, a type of gabion wall was proposed to represent the leading figure in this project. This key element divides the whole plan in sectors still always allowing visual integration between the spaces. On the north side of the gabion wall, there is the sales department and the costumer services, a space where the highlight is the lockers panel; this woodwork is composed by a break-spot in its center, carefully designed to give a cozy break time space for the workers. The desks follow the “hotdesk” concept, where there are no fixed workplaces. Alongside the sales department, the IT area comprises the core of the whole office; it is a more recluse room, conscientious to the silence and concentration needed by the programmers.


On the south side of the gabion is the administration: an open space, composed by a group of desks connected to each other; this design was thought to provide a less stringent layout. On the other side, the meeting room and the head room are located respectively. Those spaces are composed by a mix of light and dark tones of wood panels. The whole south sector is connected. The doors that separate those rooms can be promptly opened and embedded, revealing na effortless flow between the spaces, combined with a modular sofa designed by the architects, transforming the whole area into a lounge for possible events or instructions.

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