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FLUCTUART, Urban Art Center

FLUCTUART, Urban Art Center

Seine Design
Port du Gros Caillou, 75007 Paris, France | View Map
Project Year
Cultural Centres
Sergio Grazia

FLUCTUART, Urban Art Center

Seine Design as Architects

Fluctuart strongest idea was to allow the Seine’s water to enter in the heart of the building, to do so we literally opened a hole in the shell. It is a paradox that responds to that of the program: to create a closed enclosure to exhibit works of art that belong to the street: the street-art and the graffiti art. Bringing the water into the building also consists of pushing to a climax the work on the erasing the boundaries which is at the base of all the architectural work of the project.


This waterline, with the patio and the stairs overlooking it, allows to generate a space strong enough to articulate the 3 levels of the building, which are all extremely different: the cave is a tunnel that offers perspectives in the river, the first floor with its large glass frames is transverse to both banks of the rive and the terrace completely clear, offers a 360° view of the site.


The work of the facades is inspired by portuary structures references: a flotter in pure steel transporting containers liked modules, in a simple and repetitive rhythm. The whole is modular, articulated, transparent. This modularity is transformed into a frame that organizes the entire layout inside, whether for the implementation of materials and lighting, but also for the design of all furniture and supports for the works of art. These plays of light and frame put in perspective offer a sensation of infinity. In the material field - metal is the keyword.


The integrality of the hull and structure is in pure steel. And the steel is worked in all of his possibilities - welded, folded, assembled. Aluminium in the frames of the façades, bar furniture and the mobile bookshop shelves. Stainless steel for the details in the bars. Transparency is obviously assured by generous windows panes and all of the glass surface assures a lightness to the building and creates possibility of reflection of the water from the river inside the art gallery.


Material Used :

1. Targetti - Zeno small 1T6549EL
2. Yamaha - Speaker system VXL1(B/W)-8

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ZENO SMALL 1T6549ELTargetti
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