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Spring Valley as Manufacturers

CAAST ® stands for Concrete Art & Applied Science Technology. It is an Ultra-High Performance Concrete that achieves an MPa of 120 ( 8x stronger than conventional concrete). This particular project takes full advantage of the unique properties of CAAST®. The particles are so tiny that every detail that the architect wanted to capture in this design is perfectly replicated from the molds in which it is cast. Titanium dioxide in the matrix adds whiteness to the panels and gives the concrete a self-cleaning characteristic. When light and heat strike the concrete's surface, titanium dioxide uses that energy to break down dirt into molecules such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, nitrates, and sulphates. Gases float away, while liquids or solids are left on surface to be washed away by rain. The unique characteristics and endless design possibilities that are achievable with ultra-high performance concrete, are quickly making it the material of choice amongst architects worldwide.

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Montebar Villa
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Montebar Villa

Private Houses
Medeglia, Switzerland - Build completed in 2015
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