Gable Silhouette

Gable Silhouette

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Gable Silhouette

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The simple gable form was chosen for the home as this form was a vernacular that the clients loved.  Black cedar was agreed upon so the form was dominant, rather than detail, while the timber used internally was accentuated through its natural warmth in contrast.


This theme of contrasting the natural timber to the black exterior was also used at the entry of the home – the analogy used in explaining this to owners and visitors, is akin to biting into an apple – cutting through the protective exterior skin to expose the tender fruit within.


The building was lifted above the site due to a flood risk from nearby streams – this has accentuated the form of the building as you arrive. The blank black street gable was designed to focus on the beautiful simplicity of the gable form.


The gable form was expressed internally in the living room with skillion ceilings and exposed scissor trusses to give a feeling of openness.  The ceiling heights also vary internally within entry spaces and other living spaces, creating variation and interest, further defining each spaces use. The high roof space also allowed for a loft style space for the main bedroom and ensuite, separate from the childrens bedrooms and guest rooms.


Material Used :
1. Herman Pacific Western Red Cedar shiplap – black stained and natural
2. Colorsteel tray roofing – TRS Super Seam
3. Johnson and Couzins louvres
4. Rosenfeld Kidson Western Red Cedar scissor trusses

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Product Spec Sheet

Tray roofing – TRS Super SeamColorsteel
Western Red Cedar shiplap – black stained and naturalHerman Pacific
louvresJohnson & Couzins
Western Red Cedar scissor trussesRosenfeld Kidson
Product Spec Sheet
Tray roofing – TRS Super Seam
Western Red Cedar shiplap – black stained and natural
Western Red Cedar scissor trusses
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