Greenhouse Pavillion at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Greenhouse Pavillion at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Note Design Studio
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Jonas Lindström

Greenhouse Pavillion at Stockholm Furniture Fair by NOTE in collaboration with Nyréns and Moelven

Note Design Studio as Designers

Note Design Studio creates Camp Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 in collaboration with Nyréns Arkitektkontor

In the Greenhouse hall for young designers at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Note Design Studio has designed a space inspired by the intense social interaction that the fair gives the exhibitors over the few days its open. This is the second year in a row that Note was commissioned to create a concept for the Greenhouse exhibition.

Alexis Holmqvist from Note Design Studio explains the concept:

”Young designers from around the world will be flocking to Greenhouse to meet visitors and exchange ideas and experiences with each other. For this coming fair, our studio, is looking to highlight the social aspect of exhibiting. Greenhouse is an exhibition hall but it’s also a gigantic meeting place. We’re fascinated by the phenomenon of people from all around the world coming and living design together for a few days.”

Johannes Karlström continues; ”People talk about quality, color, design and materials, but often fail to draw attention to the social aspect. Wherever the participants come from, all of them have packed their bags, travelled here and settled down to spend a few intense days sharing the adventure. To put more focus on this meeting we came up with the concept of creating a great center piece in the hall referencing to the big tent in the middle of a camp . Since we are mainly a design office we felt we needed to inject some wood-expertise into the project to make the ideas come alive in large scale. So we decided to invite Nyréns Arkitektkontor to collaborate with the design of the tent”.

The task was to create a social space, the perfect setting for interaction between designers, customers and the press. The environment in the Greenhouse will stimulate conversation, new ideas and projects. The design should resemble a large tent which would be the natural place to meet, and aiming to hit the scale in between furniture and larger scale constructions by crossing elements from the two. Both in terms of overall design and how the detailing is made.

”Note invited me to their office to have a coffee and presented their concept, which I immediately thought was very strong, says Marcus Abrahamsson, architect at Nyréns Arkitektkontor. Since I work with developing wood constructions at Nyréns I naturally became quite enthusiastic about the project. We at Nyréns are putting a big focus on developing the Swedish tradition of building in wood and saw this opportunity to create something beautiful and yet functional for the visitors and designers.”

Words on the design:

The exhibition hall has a layout that resembles the structured layout of a scout camp with exhibition booths placed symmetrically around a central meeting space - the large tent in the middle of the hall. There are also other added objects as a flag pole showing a big camp flag and seating inspired by the typical tripod used over open campfire. The colours are soft grey and dark blue tones that that enhances the natural light pine wood. The architypical conical tent shape is given three entrence points based on the flows of the hall. These points are lifted up in the air creating the overall geometry of the space. The construction is made up of 66 glulam lamellas resting on 3 glulam archs. The meeting between the two is CNC cut by swedish timber company Moelven.

Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
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