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Gro House
Jhony Kristian Hutapea

Gro House

Atelier Bertiga as Architects

Gro-House is a design process to find the solution in such small habitat area in which the user could develop if they need more spaces and rooms depends on the user’s budget in the future.

On the first phase of the construction, the house was built to provide all spaces and rooms the user only needed with intention to prepare for the second phase of the construction by using the existing structures. The main structure is the steel framing which allowed the house easily to be growth, and steel framing has some benefits for the construction for example it could easily to do a customization by applying bolts and welding system to make a joint for the future construction on the second phase, depending on how the user wanted to, based on what, where, and how the spaces to be built.

The building has approximately 76m2 area with structured system of 3 stories on the first phase. Consist of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living and dining room, carport that could hold 2 cars, a terrace and a side garden.

For the next phase, there will be more development such as;

1. Storage area under staircase

2. A fish pond at the front

3. Study and a play room on second level

4. 2 bedrooms for kids on the attic

5. A working studio above the carport

We also did a homework by exploring the materials that we use to build this building. Using the materials where they rarely used around the area is one of the options, for example the application of bitumen roof on the exterior of the wall and plywood material on the interior of the house. There are also exposed brick wall with white paint finishing to save up more on the cement’s application. We could find a lot of plywood application in this house, particularly on the staircase, on the flooring of office room, the wall, ceiling, doors, and some furniture.

The reason of using plywood material not only because it is easy to construct, it is also cheaper and save more time for the application. this house is designed with cross ventilation system to maintain the airflow flowing from north to the south by using the backside of the area which is next to the rice field, so it would maximizing the air circulation through the building. You will also find a big opening on the west area of the house, leading you to the side garden and give more advantage to the air circulation inside the house. The position of each rooms not only were placed and meant to be reached easily by the outside area, it also have enough opening to allowed the natural daylight to comes in, so you do not need to turn on the lights on the afternoon.

With the concept of “Gro-House” it could be an alternative solution for those who wish to build a house with a specific budget in such small area, but still hold on the thoughts of “what do we need” idea. This concept very suitable for the young generations such for millennial, because of the minimalism lifestyle that they maintain, so they only build the spaces they only needed in the first place, but if they need more space they could easily adding more spaces to their house. The house is growing depending on them. We hope, in the future Gro-house term ideas will spread with more developed idea.

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