Timber Tower HoHo Wien

RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner as Architects

HoHo Wien Groundbreaking for the Timber Tower On October 12, the time has come. Clients, architects, engineers and politicians access to the blade, to officially celebrate the start of construction of the 84 meter high tower in Vienna's district Seestadt Aspern. Thus HoHo Wien is currently the tallest wooden skyscraper with 24 floors in the world that is actually in construction. As general contractor, the handler group was chosen by builders cetus Baudevelopment GmbH. Completion of this RLP-Project is expected in 2019.

The conceptual approach of RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner combines an innovative wood construction system with an efficient building structure. The 84 meter tower shows the advantages of the wood hybrid system over pure timber construction. Reinforcing concrete cores support vertical circulation and supply. The timber construction is docked on to provide the volumes for actual building use. The combination of conceptual ideas makes sustainability possible: wood is easy on the environment. Variable ground plans ensure that the building will be used for many years to come. Wood is a perceptible part of the spatial atmosphere and helps to make the user feel at home. Economy, ecology and added cultural value together create a communicating system. The tripartite high-rise creates a screen for the central square of a new city district in north-east Vienna. The mix of functions in the HoHo Vienna Tower ensures that "after six o'clock in the evening the lights do not go out". The result is a lively center, whose sculptural and concise architecture accentuates the place. Direct adavantages of HoHo Wien • Hybrid construction allows the use of flexible walls in all building parts (economy), no rigid walls are necessary • Wood is visible part inside (atmosphere), no cover required for fire protection reasons

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1220 Vienna, Austria - Build completed in 2018
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