Horibata terrace

Horibata terrace

Y.Architectural Design - Youichi Kouno
Ehime Prefecture, Japan
Project Year
Touru Kitamura

Horibata terrace

Y.Architectural Design - Youichi Kouno as Architects

This building is adjacent to a moat on the outside of Matsuyama castle in Japan.

It is a building leased from a store or office.

We have the view that each building creates a city.

There is an old-fashioned atmosphere in this town. I planned a building with that atmosphere.

As a result, I chose this design rather than a uniform glass curtain wall.

Buildings based on black are decorated with tiles and cedar plate concrete.

It is to give traces of human hands.

We are changing the finishing materials even indoors.

It is hard steel and wooden stairs.

It is a curved wall.

As a result, I am softening the hard impression.

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
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