Hosteria Bugiarda - contemporary kitchen

Hosteria Bugiarda - contemporary kitchen

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Via Terme Romane, Bacoli, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy | View Map
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Gabriele Rivoli

Hosteria Bugiarda

manuarino architettura design comunicazione as Architects

Hosteria Bugiarda comes from a dream of three guys with a great desire: make the best restaurant in town! Manuarino architecture studio had the opportunity to translate the needs and dreams of the three "bugiardi" into a restaurant that perfectly reflects the character of the cuisine of Chef Luigi Costigliola and the attention to hospitality of Luca and Rossella. Located in Bacoli (Naples, ITALY) in the lower part of a building with secular origins, subjected to the street level, partly in the basement, but with splendid barrel vaults with exposed tuff blocks. The search for a welcoming with a very stylish atmosphere through the use of simple, raw and very refined materials is reflected in the search for the chef's dishes, in the offer of wine and in the accuracy of the service.
At the entrance we find a bar counter-reception in birch plywood that prepares for the subsequent view of the open kitchen towards the hallway that precedes the main room. The small room located in the most external and bright area has a round table (the only one of the restaurant) where, if necessary, you can talk with confidence thanks to the velvet curtain. The main room on two levels is fragmented by the black metal railing. In the next room, the winery is the main element, the right separation between the kitchen and the exclusive six-seater table. Immediately behind a wall conceals access to the bathrooms where a concrete monolith becomes a washbasin and accompanies the side services.
The design is extremly detailed and the atmosphere is dark and elegant to give to the costumer a peaceful, quiet and comfortable experience. 

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