Hotel Garden

Hotel Garden

Studio Raro
Pieve di Ledro, Province of Trento, Italy
Project Year
studio raro

Hotel Garden

Studio Raro as Architects

The project foresees the partial restyling of the Garden hotel, a building dating back to the 1700s in the historic centre of Pieve di Ledro, a lakeside town. The new rooms are characterised by four different themes, each linked to the various emotions you may experience and the activities and services offered by the hotel itself: the Blue Emotions rooms are linked to the lake, the Red Emotions to romanticism and welcoming, the Green Emotions are linked to the theme of nature and the Energy Emotions suites are the most vibrant.

Materials and traditions have been reinterpreted through details in clay strengthened with plant fibres, carved and lightly coloured wood and loden fabric for the upholstery.

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