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Hotel MGallery Tarčin

Hotel MGallery Tarčin


Tarčin, Bosnia and Herzegovina | View Map
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Anida Krečo

Hotel MGallery Tarčin

AHAKNAP d.o.o as Architects

M Gallery Hotel is set on 60.000,00 sqm of land at the foothills of Bjelašnica mountain in the heart of Bosnia. The hotel is a part of Tarčin Forest Resort that has other facilities beside the hotel like villas, entertaining areas, hiking paths and similar.

The micro location of the building has been recognized as one of the most important attributes for the development of a project from the very beginning. Landscape elements and natural environment determined the direction of the entire project. The basic idea of the design was to create a strong relationship between environment and interior.

The hotel is placed at the very edge of the forest, whereupon the ground becomes so steep that is no longer suitable for construction. This position enabled the upper floors of the hotel to hover above a steep hill and to act as an extension of a forest. Shapes and materials match the surrounding natural environment of mountains, forest and rocks and blend with a landscape.

By using these specific materials on the facade, the hotel was blend in the surrounding and the forest with a combination of coniferous and whitewashed trees. Materials used on the facade are wood and stone. The lower floors are leaning on the steep hill with two facades. Vertical sunbreakers made out of granit stone are surrounding the other two facades that are open to the woods. The ground floor seems light and transparent which is made by leaving half of the structure as an open exterior space and the other half is closed with glass facade systems which gives a feeling of openness towards the exterior. The upper two floors are completely surrounded by wooden slats. Every room has its own terrace which is hidden behind the wooden facade.   

The hotel has 55 rooms and 17 villas (all located near the hotel). It includes two restaurants, hotel bar, luxury spa and wellness area with a modern fitness center with organic food and unique selection of conference and banqueting facilities.

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