House extension ENTREOLIVOS

House extension ENTREOLIVOS

Tangram Arquitectura + Diseño
Zaragoza, Spain | View Map
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Iñaki Bergera
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House extension ENTREOLIVOS

Tangram Arquitectura + Diseño as Architects

On the outskirts of the city there are a place where you can enjoy the beauty and calmless of the countryside. The pre-existing house is sorrounded by a nice garden however the plot is much more extensive and disconnected. In particular a  olive grove wich connection with the project will be an essential aim of this.


The origin of the project is simple, it pretend to provide solutions to daily function problems: a kitchen that has become too small, a poorly oriented pergola (narrow and disconnected from the day area) and the desire to glass enclosure the pre-existing pool.


However, the development process has been much more ambitious, proposing a set of elements with fuzzy limits capable of solving the functional program but also improving the hitherto non-existent relationship between the house and the olive grove due to both the morphology of the house as the vegetal edge that delimits the garden. Thus, the project moves south, in search of light and the olive grove, not only as a postcard to look at but as a place to enjoy.


The connection with the pre-existing house occurs through the enlarged and renovated kitchen where a new dining place advances towards the garden, becoming a family gathering place. The pergola emerges as an extension of it, adapting to the house volumen but respectfully separating to guarantee the light and independence of the living area. The new piece is a transition element between the house and the artificial nature of the olive grove.


Along the same lines, the new enclosure of the pre-existing pool is just a functional element adapts to the lines of the house. It is extended to the south by a light glass pergola.


The materialization of the project is essential in order to become a transition element  between the built volume and the unbuilt environment. A confusing materiality based on glass fachade elements and metal lattices as a structure that generate a construction that is sometimes transparent and sometimes opaque, that sometimes seems to be diluted and others to be extremely heavy, becoming a smooth and natural transition space that It varies not only depending on the point of view but even the time of day it is observed.

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