House in Cotia

House in Cotia

UNA Arquitetos
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House in Cotia

UNA Arquitetos as Architects

Designing a house always presumes a commitment to sheltering family relationships. Embracing childhood, everyday life, establishing scales of measures to the world. At the same time, we understand the project as an essay, a possibility of many other constructions. This one particularly, seeks to reinforce the walking, the promenade, as a way to conceive the place.

Moments in parallel.

Thick dense trees have grown along the vast corner lot opposite to the access lane, where there once was a glade. The deployment of this free area addresses its advantage by seeking protection to the residents from street noise, opening views to the small forest. The challenge is to build a new terrain, broadening its qualities.

The construction, in section, accommodates smoothly to the geography of São Paulo's sloped grounds. The development, in plan, allows an integration between interior and exterior spaces, which alternate and fold being complemented with water, fire and vegetation. Four levels built from three parallel walls organize the landscape.

The flat roof is a garden which almost touches the top of the site, making it easy to access its 45-meter stretch. The concrete structure houses the entire program while the floor moves, creating plans with different heights.

The entrance is in the lower part, through the shaded area from the bedrooms volume, a metallic structure hanging from the concrete one. A house on ramps, likewise Vilanova Artigas', allowing the continuity of the pathways. The first bid, bridged over water, leads to the living room and kitchen, opening to a larger height. In the second bid, the ramp, now metallic, establishes the connection between bedrooms and library. A slight inflection in the volume ensures better sun light and protection for these rooms.

In contrast to the blind street façade, a balcony casts the afternoon shade. Being so, a path is completed as a continuous drawing, connecting all spaces, going up and down the slope, without determining if one is diving or submerging.

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