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Miyazaki City, Miyazaki, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Norio Numaguchi (studio marsh)


bound-design Inc. as Architects

Miyazaki city is located in the center of Miyazaki prefecture. The site is about 20 minutes by car, moving east from the center of Miyazaki city.


Although it is an urbanization control area, there is a large shopping mall nearby and many restaurants and stores are lined up, so it is a place where there is no difficulty in living.


It is a house for couples witha children, designed in such an residential area, with a building and a garage integrated design.


The site facing the road on the west side has a well-formed rectangular shape with a frontage of about 17 m and a depth of about 20 m.


Although it is a section of a residential area where houses are lined up, an untouched vacant lot spreads  beyond the west side road.


Regarding lighting and ventilation, it was planned to utilize the situation of the site straight as it was, and it was thought that it could be sufficiently secured from the surrounding area.


The entire plan was carried out with due consideration for the local sunset light, and a panel system with solar hot water was installed in consideration of the environment.


L-shaped (L) and monotone mountains (berg)

The garage has the same shape and the same design as the building itself, so that the garage can be accessed without getting wet on rainy days.


In addition, a sleeve wall and an eave were provided for each, and the same shape was formed integrally while forming a step. They were made as simple as possible with white, gray and black monotone.


The floor plan of the interior space, which is a base for living, is L-shaped, a garden is set up in the open space on the site, and it is surrounded by walls of the same material as the outer wall so as to block eyes from the surroundings, creating a private space did.


Gap between the inside and the outside

In contrast to the appearance of a solid, sharp, inorganic appearance that was unified in monotone, the interior was basically bright and white.


Aiming to create a house full of light, warm and airy, the living room where families gather and spend most of the time has a large opening sash that is integrally connected to the private garden on the south side.


The apertures were set so that light and wind can be sufficiently taken in all rooms. However, it was assumed to be open to the direction except the west side. As a result, it was possible to enjoy a bright and comfortable stay while cutting the painful summer sunshine unique to this area.



Although it is simple in a single section of a residential area, it is a simple building that overlaps like a mountain range and has a complex appearance. I hope this building will create a unique rhythm in this area and trigger the formation of a unique community in this area.


Material Used :
1. Roof - Galvalume Steel Plate
2. Nichiha Corporation - Outer Wall 1 - Ceramic Siding Board
3. Outer Wall 2 - Galvalume Steel Plate
4. NISSIN EX. Co.,Ltd - Solid Wooden Floor-Oak / Mimosa Rustic.

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Outer Wall 1 - Ceramic Siding BoardNichiha Corporation
Solid Wooden Floor - Oak / Mimosa RusticNissin Ex. Co., Ltd.
Product Spec Sheet
Outer Wall 1 - Ceramic Siding Board
Solid Wooden Floor - Oak / Mimosa Rustic
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