Massimo Crivellari

HOUSE MA - architetti as Architects

The project in essence is a large living area overlooking a micro pool, equipped with pumps to allow swimming against the current, enclosed in a space cut into the surrounding ground, which allows you to better frame the scenery of the green hills and the blue sky.

The project articulates the space in three dimensions, taking advantage of the slight changes of internal elevation to allow a continuous change of point of view and in this way make the environment more spacious than it really is.

Materials, textures, lights and shadows reinforce this principle in order to give depth and thickness to the space.

The whole is declined in some service spaces such as a small kitchen and a spa area with sauna included. And a relaxation area which is crowned by a dining and study area.

The movement of the panels that make up the ceiling at variable height and that create a fascinating movement of shapes and light/shade as an alto to the brick vault of the kitchen area obtained from an old brick and stone grotto once used to smoke cold cuts.

The light plays a decisive role, as does the shade, the modular ceiling becomes a generating element of the lighting fixtures that during the day are wells for external light while in the evening, thanks to the LED strips installed inside them, they become real luminous showcases.

Lights and shadows are completed by the geometrically designed laser-designed metal panelling that separates the service area.

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Cristobal Balenciaga Museum
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Cristobal Balenciaga Museum

Getaria, Spain - Build completed in 2011
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