House of  KANDO

House of KANDO

AKITO MACHI architects
Shizuoka, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Shinya Rachi

House of KANDO

AKITO MACHI architects as Architects

The site is a general suburb of Japan. The sky is wide and open atmosphere

The sea is near.In this house, we planned to surround the living space with a "high terrace" like a bay window of the whole building.


If you go up to the terrace, you will be away from the ground, but the leaves of the trees will be close, and you will enjoy the feeling that your consciousness will go out and enter the green.

Along with the wind passing through the brook, cherry blossoms and rice fields and consciousness are gradually connected to the distance.

If you want to stay a little calm down, go down a few steps and go back inside.

I think that being able to choose where you are in such a natural state is affluence.


You may notice a stunning beauty at every moment between your daily activities and your activities.I think that it is also the role of architecture to give notice of the viewpoint that is usually overlooked.

Material Used:

1. LIXIL- Bathtub/SYNLA

2. TOTO-Toilet Bowl/NEOREST AH

3. TOTO-Wash Bowl/SK106

4. Ikuta Corporation-Wood Flooring/Black Cherry

5. Sankyo Tateyama-Window Frame/MADIO P

6. Lilycolor-Wallpaper/LW-2235

7. Grohe-Water Faucet/Minta

8. Flame-Lighting Equipment/Moussem

Project team
Products used in this project
Product Specifications
GROHEGROHEWater Faucet/Minta
TOTOTOTOToilet Bowl/NEOREST AH,Wash Bowl/SK106
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