HubHub Na Příkopě

HubHub Na Příkopě

Prague, Czechia - Build completed in 2018

HubHub Na Příkopě

Studio Perspektiv as Interior Architects

Located in the very heart of Prague, on the corner of Na Příkopě and Panská streets, HubHub's first branch has just opened its gates this September. Studio Perspektiv, Prague based team of architects and designers, rooted the HubHub's bold and brave philosophy deep into the design of this new co-working space. The result isn't only a fully-functional space for work and collaboration. The place immediately became a catalyst of an unmistakable community atmosphere.


Reception desk - a yellow beacon you'll never miss. Ever

Privacy, sharing, and their optimal ratio for every scenario. These are the key areas of the project from start to finish. Detailed analysis and preparations resulted in a comprehensive spatial arrangement that subconsciously guides all HubHub members during every one of their visits.


The moment you enter, you know where to go. A bold, daring reception desk made of yellow expanded metal is impossible to overlook. You see many different working areas, you immediately know what meeting rooms are free, you notice where the community kitchen is, you feel the buzz coming out of the event space.


You can decide

The inner terrace and atrium articulate the space, forming several areas of various proportions. Meanwhile the entrance area is dedicated mostly to freelancers and individual work, the northeast wing facing the Na Příkopě boulevard hosts bigger teams and whole companies. Both parts of the layout are anchored by two large community kitchen areas.


A wide range of different phone booth types, video conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms is carefully scattered over 2 000 m2 so that you always have everything you can possibly need right at hand.


A timeless design. For many years to come

The chosen aesthetics of a "twenty first century digital workshop" unfolds from the level of sustainability required. It's not only the design that counts, all the elements have to be able to endure a lot in the first place. Expressive metal furniture on the raised podium is, along with the yellow reception desk, designed to withstand the flow of people comparable to that in important public institutions. Kitchen tops and bars are made of stainless steel, which is yet to fully reveal its unique beauty through the everyday wear and tear.


In line with the "think globally, act locally" philosophy, the first Prague HubHub branch involves a ton of original Czech design work. Apart from the custom, locally made metal elements and atypical joinery, there are TON chairs and armchairs used along with Brokis light fixtures and a special "pumped up" version of Bomma's Soap light.


A fragile balance

The common spaces are based on the sophisticated contrast of colors and shapes, and the intense aesthetics of HubHub come into play at different intensities, whether in the form of branded, bold textures and stickers, or HubHub's values masterfully embedded in dynamic illustrations by Karolina Stryková. Offices, executed in neutral shades of white and grey, are waiting for the tenants to set the atmosphere. So, all HubHub members can feel like home.


HubHub Na Příkopě is designed with people in mind. Everyone has the opportunity to find exactly what he/she needs. The diversity present both in the HubHub's DNA and the interior created by Studio Perspektiv really does open the door to the atmosphere of trust and sharing. When people feel great, a strong community can grow.

Products and brands

atypical Bomma Soap fixtures

Brokis fixtures

illustrations by Karolína Stryková

expanded metal reception and furniture

stainless steel kitchen top and bar table

sleeping boxes

TON armchairs & chairs

atypical brand signage fixtures

bespoke furniture & joinery Brick /

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Interior Architects
Museo Soumaya
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