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Almaty, Kazakhstan
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A.Masow Architects as Architects

This house is built on a plan in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the moment the project is seen by the customer.

To carry out the construction company will be part of the "Bazis A".

House will be located at 15 km from the city in the highlands because the city is surrounded by mountains and tall trees.

The customer required a home that will be isolated from the noise and dirty air and bustle of the city.By doing this project I mentally lived in it for several days, thus realizing the need for the comfort.

The house is equipped with solar panels and the water will drain specialty container stored under the home, where he will be processed and purified for further use.

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People's Pavilion  by bureau SLA & Overtreders W
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People's Pavilion by bureau SLA & Overtreders W

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