Immobilière 3F

Immobilière 3F

MARGOT-DUCLOT architectes associés
Vigneux-sur-Seine, France
Project Year
Social Housing

Immobilière 3F

MARGOT-DUCLOT architectes associés as Architects

The projects appears as a singular and unique object, emanating a sense of renewal that is perceived immediately upon entering the neighbourhood.

Its expression is traduced with the use of two materials with complementary yet opposite qualities:

- Brick—for its domestic thickness and for its solid reference to the ground and to the facades of the neighbouring Briques Rouges - Lacquered, expanded metal—for a material lightness that discretely reveals the comforts of the apartments and the usage of the balconies, without completely exposing them to views from the street.

All of the apartments enjoy a garden, a balcony, or a terrace. The balconies are sheltered to the south, west, and east behind the white screen of expanded metal.

The residence for the medically assisted is conceived as a large, solid house with 20 rooms that are arranged around generous common spaces.

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