India Spiretec competition

India Spiretec competition

Crab Studio
Greater Noida, India
Project Year

India Spiretec competition

Crab Studio as Architects

Location: Greater Noida, Delhi, India Budget: TBC Status: competition Design team: Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham, Dolores Victoria Ruiz Garrido / Juan Rose Ruiz Martin (semisotano architects), Lorene Faure, Rosalia Fenu, Nuria Blanco, Johanna Kanerud, Selma Udriot Johansson, Jesus Paz Otero.

Responding to the cultural heritage of India and inspired by its energy of response towards a new cultural, economic and spiritual context our project concentrates upon five salient issues:

1. The transformation of water. 2. The creation of urban open space. 3. The use of friendly and understood materials. 4. The creation of ‘liberated’ dwellings. 5. The creation of a community

We aim to not only ‘take’ and ‘use’ this piece of land, but create from it a new urban mixture that gives back more than it takes and at the same time enjoys the view.

Bioclimatic concepts - Every apartment is facing south and enjoying the landscape. - South facade, designed with a new system to purify water. Giving back pure water to the Yamuna River and improving directly the environment. - Access in the north facade. Creating cross ventilation. - North facade with hydroponics vegetables: Farming our own food. Minimizing the ecologic foot print. - Farming micro algae ponds in the garden. Consuming Co2 providing O2 and biomass. - Heating and Cooling with Sun energy. Absorption machines. - West facades with Bamboo-vertical louvers positioned to avoid “bad Sun”. - Local bricks are creating the horizontal platform and sculpting the shape. - Roofs: collecting rainwater

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