Individual House In Tsodoreti

Individual House In Tsodoreti

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Individual House In Tsodoreti

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The house is located near the Tsodoreti forest, in front of the greenery of a natural landscape. The project area is characterized by difficult terrain. At the initial stage of the design, the area around the house and a swimming pool was leveled, creating supporting walls for inclination and free space which we used for the garage, auxiliary buildings, and basin technical space.
The front-facing swimming pool is surrounded by terraces, and the backyard has a landscaped garden and a beautiful forest behind.

At the initial design stage of the house, the client's wishes were determined, which led to the creation of a basic planning framework. Considering the incredible views all around the project area, we located a living room so that it had an access both to the front side and a backyard area resulting in airing of a space from both sides.

The space of the dining room, due to its size, required proportional increase of a ceiling, creating different level on the facade, which was balanced by terraces on the second floor. The ground of a second floor was fully leveled.
It is noteworthy that a large staircase was arranged by the customer's wish, which was harmoniously blended in the large hall space, which is similar to a gallery in the middle of the house.

The facade is lined with natural white stone.
On the ground floor there is a common terrace in front of the dining room and kitchen, which joins the terrace of the swimming pool.
On the first floor there is a guest room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. On the second floor there are 4 bedrooms, including one master bedroom, all bedrooms have their own balconies.

Project includes auxiliary building, with three independent spaces with individual entrances, one of which is a technical room, the other for a shower basin, and a third toilet.
The yard area is all in green with ornamental plants and roads being paved.

Lead Architect - Daduna Shatashvili
Junior Architect -Levan Otarashvili
Junior Architect - George Lezhava

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