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International School Eindhoven

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International School Eindhoven

diederendirrix as Architects

The design for the international school campus includes both new buildings and the renovation and restauration of existing (national) monument buildings. The new building houses the entrance hall, primary school, a basement with a multifunctional (gym) hall, a media library, a dance and drama studio and a NOC NSF sport hall. For the most part, the renovation of the five buildings that belong to the National monument contain teaching functions. The former gate building will house a day nursery and after- school accommodation. The most important buildings in the monumental assembly deserve to remain as free-standing buildings and this fact led to the choice for an extensive basement with the media library being the most important collective programme. It is a mystifying experience to see the unspecified manner in which the assembly becomes a logistic and physical unity. The changes to the existing architecture of the barracks are reserved and yet recognisably different from the style idiom of the national monument. The plan incorporates modern inconspicuous detail and materials in order to maintain focus on the monumental quality. The same applies to the new building, specific and unusual, and yet respectful of the authentic assembly.

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The Faithlie Centre: Aberdeenshire Council HQ
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The Faithlie Centre: Aberdeenshire Council HQ

Fraserburgh, UK - Build completed in 2020
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