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Set in a bustling location and existing building in one of the key areas of downtown Athens, is a fresh food cafe and multi-functional space conceptualized into a packaging crate.

Using this metaphor, the 'crate' will be used to store its most valuable object - food - but also used for a variety of food related events such as exhibitions, presentations and so on.

Wooden studs are used in a multitude of ways to create different storage and display spaces inside the store, whereas chipboard panels cover the existing walls and ceilings. These simple and low cost units reference a packaging crate, in an attempt to create a space that is simple and structurally honest.

Working together with the owner and the architectural team, we set out to create a restaurant in the center of Athens with a modern warm and fresh atmosphere. We worked together from the concept phase and gave our input throughout in terms of constructability and budget.

The complex wooden structures that were used both for operational and aesthetic purposes (product shelves and decorative bookcases), formed the basic construction element. Due to the small size of the restaurant all such constructions were tailor-made off-site and later fitted on-site. Other architectural elements that were added to the concept of the restaurant were the epoxy-based resin on all floors as well as the raw metal staircase with the corresponding wire mesh.

Finally, all the electromechanical infrastructure was upgraded to meet the demands of the new use. Thankfully, both the owner and the clients were very satisfied with the updated environment, which perfectly combined with the high quality of food and service that is offered.

La Casa Pura
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La Casa Pura

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Laion, South Tyrol, Italy - Build completed in 2019
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