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For Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Jackson®), partnering with design firm, Gresham Smith and Partners, and Milliken’s global floor covering team created an ideal team for a project that included replacing 330,000 square yards of existing carpet at the company’s main Lansing campus. The design team was excited to specify Milliken’s popular Paste-Up collection due to the collection’s inspiring pattern and color palette coupled with Milliken’s commitment to sustainable products and practices. According to Jack Weber, Principal at design firm Gresham Smith and Partners, the design team’s first instinct upon seeing the Milliken product was, “this is it.” However, as professionals, their team meticulously went through a process of selection and elimination with multiple products and manufacturers in order to make the final decision.

“After an exhaustive search, we chose the Milliken product for its ability to enhance the image of the space, while maintaining versatility, comfort and durability.” - Jack Weber, Principal at Gresham Smith and Partners

“At the beginning it was just the collection that was a good fit for the project—but then when we had to tweak the product, it went smoothly. The entire installation worked out really well in the end to create the intended environment for Jackson.” - Kelly Hodges, Senior Associate for Gresham Smith and Partners

Not a Standard Installation

Milliken’s Paste Up modular carpet collection was selected for the free-flowing patterns and ease of use to complement the building’s crescent shape. The collection’s Tessellate and Art Crime patterns move easily from open workspaces to private offices because of the emphasis on angles and layers. These standard patterns worked well for most of the spaces. However, some spaces required a slightly modified background to suit the interior environment and ultimately become a custom product for the end user.

A Green Angle—Landfill Diversion Program

In addition to replacing the new flooring, Milliken also coordinated the recycling of all Jackson’s 330,000 square yards of carpet tile and broadloom. It was very important to the Jackson team that none of the product would end up in a landfill. Through its Carpet Landfill Diversion program, Milliken manages the diversion process by finding the highest form of recovery, which can include recycling it into new carpet, downcycling into alternative products or donating it to charity.

“Our products and practices— including our PVC-free floor covering and Carpet Landfill Diversion Program—all reflect Milliken’s desire to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions and experiences for our customers.” - Philip Ivey, Floor Covering Strategic Sustainability Leader for Milliken

As a founding and active board member of Carpet America Recovery Effort (C.A.R.E.), Milliken’s Carpet Landfill Diversion Program ensures all carpet is handled in the most environmentally friendly way, while following all C.A.R.E. guidelines. Additional sustainability attributes of Milliken floor covering include: • Manufactured by a carbon neutral carpet company meeting aggressive goals, including zero waste, carbon negative and green energy initiatives. • All U.S. tile products have a third-party verified life cycle analysis (LCA) and environmental product declaration (EPD). • Certified to NSF 140, SMaRT, Leonardo Academy’s • Cleaner and Greener and CRI Green Label Plus. • PVC free for all North American products. • Certified to ISO 14001 through third party auditing.

Benefits of Milliken’s Modular Carpet Tile • This extremely durable high wear product enhances performance features in high traffic areas, such as in the main corridors—and boasts added durability and comfort, as it’s composed of a solution dyed nylon type 6,6 and a polyurethane cushion backing. • Tile offers numerous maintenance benefits. • Comfort Plus® cushion provides resilience, acoustical/ thermal insulation properties and comfort underfoot. • TractionBack® technology simplifies the floor covering installation with an environmentally superior alternative backing system for laying modular carpet tile.

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