Jaleo restaurant
Chad Baumer

Jaleo restaurant

Capella Garcia Arquitectura as Architects

A restaurant in Disney Springs should be a memorable place, not just a place to eat. A space where to enjoy the food in an original and unique setting, this has been our goal: to entertain the diner while enjoying a good meal to make his stay in Jaleo an unforgettable experience. The main concept of the interior design has been to offer "a tapeo", that is to say a tasting of many small bites, with shapes, colors, chairs, lamps, images, in accordance with a typical Spanish menu.


The Disney Springs Jaleo is based on the iconography of Spain, and expresses the vitalist soul of its chef, José Andrés. The architectural form of the building is inspired by an artichoke, one of the most popular original Mediterranean vegetables in Spain, a land of tasty vegetables and fruits. The large artichoke edicule opens up and invites us to enter and live a gastronomic dream.


The leaves or open petals of the artichoke form pergolas staggered towards the outside, so that the building lacks walls. It is completely open to the outside. This system of enclosure with an open façade is a tribute to popular Spanish architecture, in which the views and, above all, the protection from the sun are the protagonists. The glass panes are inclined to give greater dynamism to the whole, so that the circular building seems to float in an agile way, inviting the passer-by to visit it. There are no cubic forms, no opaque walls, no straight walls, here reigns the plant organicism with its sensual and dynamic forms.


Living and festive organic space

Inside, a large space with a double height central courtyard visually communicates the ground floor and the upper floor. The entire interior is treated as a large Spanish-style dining and party room. The word “jaleo”, in Spanish means fuss, hullabaloo, jumble, party,... And the Jaleo restaurants, brand of José Andrés, have that DNA of a festive, cheerful, fun Spain. Where to informally share "tapas", which is the typical tasty food of Spain. That's why inside, we find different spaces, where each visitor can discover his favorite corner: At the entrance, an area with football tables, designed by José Andrés, where you can play a game while savoring some tapas. A central space, more VIP, where you can taste great paellas or grilled meats, among other dishes of an appetizing and elaborate menu. Or communal tables where you can share with friends Sangría and Spanish wines.


The materials are always warm and affable, with a predominance of wood, upholstery, curtains and ceramic materials. Citrus, orange and lemon colours abound, and above all red, so typical of Spain. The pavement is expressly designed for this restaurant, with the centenary system of the "hydraulic mosaic" that Gaudí had already used in a pioneering way in Barcelona. Here the colourful design takes the form of flower petals and has been handcrafted in Mallorca.


In the heart of the space is an open kitchen, with a spectacular wood fire, where visitors can see how the paella is cooked, the tasty rice dish typical of Valencia that triumphs all over the world. You'll also see how meat roasts are made on a slow heat. A large staircase leads to the upper floor, where the private lounges are located; two terraces, one overlooking the Disney Springs promenade and the other overlooking the lake; and also an area of privileged tables overlooking the central atrium.


Art and design made in Spain

Spain is a country with an important artistic culture (Velázquez, Goya, Picasso, Miró, Dalí,...), which is why in the Jaleo de José Andrés, small embassies of Spanish culture, there is always the presence of artworks, applied to the decoration of the space. Salvador Dalí's famous sofa-lips welcome us with a kiss at the entrance. Inside, we find a spectacular image of a "suit of lights", as the bullfighter's suit is known, the work of photographer Rafael Vargas. Next to the stairs that go to the top floor, and covering the immense wall of the atrium, an image brings closer the Spanish landscape to Disney. It is a collage with the popular Concha beach in San Sebastián, crowned with a chandelier, which turns it into an interior space, the work of photographer Ciuco Gutiérrez. Opposite, above the central hole hangs a sculptural lamp of mirrors, which generate a surreal play of crossed visions, helping to enrich the spatial profusion of the restaurant.


Most of the furniture, including the lamps, is Spanish. The product of a careful selection of the best designers and producers of the Design Made in Spain, as well as some pieces created exclusively for this space. All of this contributes to the visitor's total immersion in Spanish creative culture, which includes both gastronomy and artistic and cultural creativity. An interior that tries to transmit the festive Spanish atmosphere, a modern, fraternal and hospitable country. Where to eat and drink are not only that, but an opportunity to meet friends and celebrate.

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