Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros

Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros

Lantavos Projects
Kampos, Paros, Greece
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Lantavos Projects

Epifania Ltd.

George Messaritakis
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Wall-Ceiling FinishingAkzoNobel
floor tilesApavisa Porcelanico S.L.
Heating SystemAtlantic
Lighting systemBright Special Lighting
Floor tilesEpifania Ltd.

Product Spec Sheet
Wall-Ceiling Finishing
floor tiles
Heating System
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by Dow
Floor tiles

Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros

Lantavos Projects as Architects

The house is located within the boundaries of the settlement of Kampos, at the Cycladic island of Paros. Its natural presence is enhanced by the sublime rural landscape surrounds it, which consists of cereal fields, small vineyards and olive-trees. It provides accommodation for a family of five all the year round, a situation entails a living organization, unlike the typical holiday house.


During the design stage, particular emphasis was given to the analysis of local characteristics and conditions, such as the strong light of Cyclades and the wind, for everyday contact with nature and outdoor living. These greatly contributed to the design of the house, the aesthetic approach of which resulted through a modern prism, without the use of exceeding decorative features.


The building form derives from the deconstruction of a single rectangular prism, (an archetypal building form of the island), as a starting point for the formation of a void (veranda) protected from the strong northerly winds. The removed volume is placed above the ground floor as an independent space for relaxation or hospitality, where one can enjoy unobstructed views towards Pounta area and Antiparos island, making use of a 95 m² roof terrace.


Of the two rectangular prisms on the ground floor, one recedes slightly in relation to the other, in order to reveal a part of the veranda and lead to the entrance. These two volumes form the backbone of the house. The first accommodates the day-to-day living areas, the second houses the private ones, family bedrooms and bathroom, with the auxiliary spaces linking the two.


The orientation and shaping of the building volumes, the strategically positioned single small window in the northern side, the careful installation of a façade insulation system to avoid thermal bridging, as well as, additional elements like wooden pergolas, are all enhancing the energy performance of the dwelling in response to local conditions.

Kampos House

Epifania Ltd. as Floor tiles

Located in the settlement of Kampos, at the Cycladic island of Paros, this house is enhanced by the sublime rural landscape that surrounds it. During the design process, particular emphasis was given to the analysis of local characteristics and conditions, such as direct contact with nature and outdoor living, the strong light of Cyclades and wind. The aesthetic approach was taken through a modern and minimalist prism.

Contrasting with the sharp white walls, floors throughout have the look of concrete tile but are in fact a high performance porcelain. Manufactured by the Spanish factory of APAVISA, the tiles were supplied by Epifania, a ceramic tile importer that advises and deals mainly with architects and contractors in Greece.

The porcelain tiles selected come from the series “Regeneration” and measure 90x90 cm. According to the architect, these tiles were selected because they fit the minimalist design and style of the project, but also because of their distinctive concrete look.

More from the Manufacturer:

Our company Epifania Ltd is a ceramic tile importer and we deal mainly with architects and contractors in Greece finding the suitable solutions for their projects. One of the offices that we co-operate with is LANDAVOS PROJECTS (Mr. Evangellos Landavos) who were responsible for the design and the construction of this project. The material chosen is from series “Regeneration” size 90x90cm and color Grey manufactured by the Spanish factory of APAVISA. This is a factory recognized worldwide as one with the most architectural material with unique design and very high standards of quality. The type of the material is Porcelain Stoneware Full Body and all their technical characteristics are at the highest level and fully certified. The reason chosen by the architect is that they found that aesthetically it fits the design and style of this project been simple but yet very distinctive and unique cement look tile. Also we managed to provide these tiles at a very competitive price

Kampos House in Paros island

Sylor as Window systems

Kampos House in the Greek island of Paros distinguishes for its aesthetic approach, seeing traditional elements through a minimalistic and modern prism. As such has been the selection of wooden windows, maintaining the warmth of wood, while applying simple lines and elegant colours.

Keystone in the selection of windows, has been the provision of a functional, high quality product that could last in time under the harsh climate of Cyclades. Wooden windows and doors for the Kampos House are made in Italy, by the company Fabbro srl and installed by SYLOR – Wooden Solutions.

The windows are certified and classified in top categories acknowledged by EU, in laboratory tests measuring performances in air permeability, water tightness and resistance to storm conditions. Window frames have a Uf value of 1,22 W/m2K and carry triple glazing (Ug=1,1) ensuring low emissions and further adding to the high thermal performances of the building. During the installation, windows were carefully sealed to the building envelope, eliminating thermal emissions.

State-of-the-art electrostatic painting guarantees high quality and paint adherence even to the most hidden surfaces of the windows, shutters and entry doors. Additionally, varnishes and painting process especially designed for the Mediterranean sun can ensure a long lasting high aesthetic result of the paints.

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