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The winner of an international design competition, the Kienlesbergbruecke provides the German city of Ulm with an important connection in the new ‘Line 2’ tram route and offers an attractive and enjoyable crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ulm is famous for having the tallest church tower in Europe – the 530 foot-tall Minster, completed in 1890 – and the architectural design of the bridge provides a sociable destination as well as a link, an elevated public lookout from which to admire the new view of the city.

The 270m-long crossing stands alongside the historic steel Neutor Bridge (1907), and the new bridge makes contemporary reference to its neighbour in the arched form of the trussed beams between the pedestrian and tram decks.

The railway lands site, with limited access for construction, multiple railway lines and overhead power lines, inspired a design suited to prefabricated steel which could be delivered by road or rail, before being assembled within the site boundary and launched into position. The bridge was opened in 2018.

Kienlesbergbrücke Ulm


The 270m long track crossing in Ulm is a new landmark for Ulm and a very special place. After winning the competition, the Knight Architects team with the civil engineers Krebs and Kiefer have created an object that more than fulfils the purpose of a foot-, bicycle- and cablecar crossing. The walkway on the footbridge offers views of the sky, when walking ofer the gentle arch, as well as an overview of Ulm and the maze of tracks immediately below. The bridge girder forms a frame through its gentle curves and undulating movements. The infill of the truss girder offers itself as seating. The curved convexities opposite create places to enjoy the view.

One notices that passers-by like to stay on the bridge. The sunset and the evening atmosphere invite to stay. The lighting was realized without masts or other disturbing elements. The outer surface of the bridge girder is illuminated with neutral white light color from the specially designed railing posts with integrated spotlights. The interior lighting of the girder infill stands out with a warm white light color and creates a good plastic image of the girder due to the color and brightness contrast, which remains easily readable even from a distance. The light reflected from the bright surfaces creates a subtle brightening, which provides good orientation, displaces the fearful space despite low light points and allows an unobstructed view.


Material Used :
1. Cubical LED Spots with elliptical light distribution – CCT 4.000 K
2. LED Luminaire for accenting window reveals – CCT 3.000 K

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