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Kolinplatz Residential Building

Kolinplatz Residential Building

Lando Rossmaier Architekten AG
Zug, Switzerland | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Rasmus Norlander

Kolinplatz Residential Building

Lando Rossmaier Architekten AG as Architects

In November 1999 a residential house burned down in the old town of Zug. The new building consists of two maisonette apartements that provides two shared flats for eleven young people and a café on the ground floor. The newly designed courtyard is opened to the public.

Asked about the greatest difficulties that I faced during the design process I would answer: The biggest obstacle was actually myself. It was especially difficult to step back, letting the shape of the ensemble appear decent and casual at the same time. Only at a second glance the house should be spotted as a contemporary building. It does appear eloquent but also crouching with the eaves facing the street. It does not stand gabled, striking in the corner of the block fragment. In my point of view no contrast was needed, but the integration of a small, almost unremarkable building, whose spatial, joyful plasticity may unfold in section and floor plan, but without putting itself forward in comparison to the other houses. Building a modest house being coherent within the overall appearance, the spatial density and the gentle atmospheric impression was my intention. The result is a small, th a second glance, somehow peculiar house.

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