Kragelj HQ

Kragelj HQ

Cesta v Mestni log 73, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia | View Map
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Janez Marolt

Kragelj HQ

Kragelj as Architects

Kragelj Office is a much-needed upgrade of the existing office space for Kragelj's team of architects, which has grown in size and talent in the past few years. With the expansion, we have given a new life and purpose to previously unused storage space, which is now a multipurpose Workplace Design Lab.

It features fresh, biophilic, and minimalist office design in a loft-like industrial space. Its flexible arrangement of spaces is meant to showcase our work in real life, help our clients imagine different work environments, and even better, co-create with us. It's an ever-evolving space that promotes collaboration and innovation through a mixture of shared, individual, and creative spaces on multiple levels.

Reaching up towards the sky and symbolizing what our brand strives for is a "family tree" - reminding us of our purpose every day.

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