Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor AB as Architects

At Lindholmen in Gothenburg a university campus, a research centre and numerous technological enterprises are established in an old wharf. To make professionals at these businesses meet is not only a creative potential. Meetings over the borders could make the difference between life and death for an emerging venture.

The academies are well aware of this. Creating meeting places is a major task in the development of Chalmers University of Technology. Kuggen at Lindholmen will be a hub for formal as well as informal meetings between community and society. The Science Park at the lower levels is dedicated to such assemblies. On the upper level, cross-over activities will fill the offices. The bridges connecting the building with its neighbours are also exhibition venues.

The building is named Kuggen (The Cog). It is designed to connect to its environment. As a tool in the townscape, it will enhance the functions of the buildings around it. It is set on an open and today windy spot with a view over the sea. This outlook is a reason behind the facetted façade. At the ground floor, the stepped wall creates multiple possibilities to grab the attention of people passing by. As water levels may rise in the future, the building is elevated on a small hill, were seating dug in pits will provide shelter from the wind. The tool does social work.

It makes for advanced technical performance as well. Kuggen is constituted by repetitions of optimal office units. From the northward backbone, the building extends with two room units per floor. This makes the building expand by 1500 mm for each floor southwards, thereby shading the windows below. A moving screen with photovoltaic cells moving around the building adds shade and electricity. On the roof, sun collectors for tap water completes the solar energy system.

State-of-the-art solutions for adapted ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling minimize the environmental impact of the building. So does the solution for daylight. In Gothenburg, the opposing need for windows versus isolation meet at 30-35% glazing. The triangular windows maximises daylight to the core of the building and minimises the climatic deficiencies. The size functions for office cells as well as for open landscapes. These solutions will limit energy consumption to 60 kWh/m² a year.

Green architecture about generic solutions. Kuggen is designed for longevity.

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